Mini Vibrating Motor Surface Mount Technology Motor Z4PC3B8129521

Mini Vibrating Motor Surface Mount Technology Motor  Z4PC3B8129521

Penerangan Ringkas:

  • FOB Harga: US $ 0 / Potongan
  • Min.Order Kuantiti: 100 keping / pek
  • Keupayaan bekalan: 3000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Terma Pembayaran: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T
  • Jenama: Leader
  • Melindungi ciri-ciri: Totally tertutup
  • Pembinaan: magnet kekal
  • Data-data teknikal: Can be customzied
  • Detail produk

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    SMD/SMT vibration motors are an excellent choice for fully automated, high-speed mass production utilizing pick and place machines. This is the only series of vibration motor available on tape and reel. If hand soldering the motor to the PCB ( i.e. making prototypes), do not use flux as this can enter the motor and cause it to fail. This series of motors cannot be washed after the reflow process.


    Product Technical Parameters of SMT Phone Vibrating  motor


    Tempat asal  Guangdong, China (tanah besar)
    Nombor model  Z4PC3B8129521
    penggunaan telefon bimbit, jam tangan dan Band, Pengurut, peralatan perubatan dan instrumen
    pensijilan  ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001
    Jenis mikro Motor
    commutation  berus
    Ciri getaran
    Nilai kelajuan 11000 ± 2500 rpm
    undian semasa 100 mA Dagangan
    voltan bermula  2.6 (V) DC Dagangan
    Voltan diberi nilai 3.0 (V) DC
    voltan operasi  2.7 ~ 3.3 (V) DC
    Life 2.5S pada, 2.5S off, 53,000 kitaran


    The main features of  Mini  SMD Vibrating  motor :

    These SMD, surface mount vibration motors are packaged on tape / reels of 1000 pieces per reel and are designed to be pick-and-placed directly from the reel.
    They are an excellent choice for high volume mass production.
    They have a “core” which allows them to withstand the high temperatures associated with the reflow soldering process.
    Counterweight can be changed or customized to achieve different vibration force.

    Main Export Markets of Our Mini bergetar Motor :

    South Asia: 43%

    North America: 27%

    Western Europe: 25%

    Northern Europe: 5% 


    The application of Mini  High temperature Vibrating  motor :  1530259202(1)


    Packaging & Shippment:

    1. 50 mini dc drive motors in each PS tray.

    2. Every 20 capsules as a group, put a plastic cover on the group and wrap it in tape.

    3. Put the wrapped group into a inbox.

    4. Every 8 inboxes are put into an outer case by the ways standard as the drawing.

    5. Quantity and batch number are written on the surface of the outer case. 1529630010 1530258916(1)


    Inspection Instrument:  








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