Brushless dc motor construction

Dc brushless motor structure design is very reasonable, from its use we can clearly feel its use, the benefits of reasonable structure is easy to use, fast operation, we can see how high economic benefits and use benefits reasonable structure.So what is its structure?

First, take a look at its structure:

Brushless dc motor construction

1. A, B and C are three-phase stator windings, which are respectively connected with the power switch devices V1, V2 and V3 in the electronic switch circuit. The tracking rotor of the position sensor is placed on the rotor of the motor.VP1, VP2 and VP3 are evenly distributed at one end of the brushless dc motor with a difference of 120 degrees. According to a certain photoelectric device, they are irradiated by light or not through the function of the rotating shutter on the motor’s rotating shaft.

2, the stator winding of A common electric, electric current and the main magnetic field produced by permanent magnets on the rotor resulting from the interaction between electromagnetic torque and rotor rotation, the position of the rotor magnet steel with the position sensor into electrical signals, and then control the electronic switch circuit, so that the each phase winding of the stator will, in turn, conduction, stator phase current along with the change of rotor position in A certain order commutation.The conduction sequence of the electronic switch circuit can be synchronized with the rotation Angle of the rotor to achieve the mechanical reversing effect.

Because the brushless dc motor structure is set up reasonably, so it is very good to use, in the process of motor operation, in addition to understanding its structure, we also need to do is to make its reversing effect more ideal, and these are basically built on the basis of a reasonable structure.

Post time: Mar-28-2020