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The phone vibration motor is a kind of DC brush motor, which is used to realize the vibration function of the mobile phone.

When receiving a text message or telephone, the motor starts, driving the eccentric to rotate at a high speed, thereby generating vibration.

Today’s mobile phone vibration motor are getting smaller and smaller to meet the needs of increasingly thin and light mobile phone bodies.


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Cell phone vibration motor operating principle

The outside of the motor is made of engineering plastic. In addition to the outer box, there is a tiny DC motor that drives the eccentric to rotate.

There is also a very simple integrated circuit that controls the start and stop of the motor.

When the phone is set to “Vibrate” status, the control circuit is turned on.

There is an eccentric wheel on the motor shaft. When the motor rotates, the center point of the eccentric wheel is not on the center of the motor, so that the motor is in a state of constant loss of balance, causing vibration due to inertia.


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The reason why the cell phone vibration motor makes the phone vibrate

(1) Caused by eccentric rotation of the metal rod.

Since the metal rod rotates at a high speed in the sealed metal case, the internal air of the metal case is also subjected to vigorous movement by friction.

This causes the entire sealed metal box to vibrate, which in turn causes the entire mobile phone to vibrate.

According to the above calculations, the metal rods have a large share of the energy for high-speed rotation.

Therefore, the reason is the main cause of vibration of the mobile phone.


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(2) Caused by unstable center of gravity.

Since the metal rod connected to the rotating shaft of the vibration motor is not arranged in a geometrically-symmetrical manner, the rotating shaft of the vibration motor is rotated through an off-angle in the direction in which the center of mass is located.

Therefore, the metal rod is actually not rotated in the horizontal plane.

During the rotation, the position of the center of mass changes with the position of the metal bar, so the plane of rotation of the metal bar is also constantly changing at an angle to the horizontal surface.

This ever-changing movement of the centroid in a certain spatial range will inevitably cause the position of this object to move.

When the change is small and very frequent, it is macroscopically vibrating.


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Phone vibration motor considerations

1. The motor has excellent comprehensive performance when working at its nominal rated voltage.

It is recommended that the operating voltage of the mobile phone circuit be designed as close as possible to the rated voltage.

2. The control module that supplies power to the motor should consider its output impedance as small as possible.

The output voltage is greatly reduced when the load is prevented, which affects the vibration.

3. When the column motor is inspected or tested for blocking current, the blocking time should not be too long (less than 5 seconds).

Because all input power is converted into heat energy (P=I2R) during stalling, too long time may cause the coil temperature rise to be high and deform, which affects performance. .

4. When the motor with mounting bracket is designed to position the card slot, the gap with the phone case should not be too large, otherwise additional vibration (mechanical noise) may occur.

The use of rubber sleeves can effectively avoid mechanical noise, but it should be noted that the positioning groove on the casing and the rubber sleeve should be interference fit.

Otherwise, the vibration output of the motor will be affected and the vibration feel will decrease.

5. Avoid being close to the strong magnetic area during transit or use.

Otherwise, it is possible to make the magnetic steel of the motor magnet twist and affect the performance.

6. Pay attention to the welding temperature and welding time when welding. It is recommended to use 320 °C for 1-2 seconds.

Excessive time and excessive temperature can damage the lead insulation.

7. Remove the motor unit from the package or avoid pulling the lead during the welding process.

It is also not allowed to bend the lead at a large angle many times, otherwise the lead may be damaged.


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Mobile phone vibration motor scale

As more and more people own mobile phones, the number of companies that produce mobile phone motors has increased dramatically.

According to the market environment and development situation in recent years, the global market demand for mobile phone motors will continue to grow steadily.

From 2007 to 2013, the average annual growth rate of mobile phone motors has reached 15%.


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