Trends in miniature brushless vibration motors

The vibration of the motor has long been a challenge that the design developers of micro-vibration motors want to overcome. The vibration will produce annoying noise and reduce the bearing life. When the vibration frequency resonates with the natural frequency of the object, it will cause serious impact and even damage to the structure.

There is, however, a class of motors whose very purpose is to produce vibration. As the source of vibration, we call it “vibratory motors”.

Maybe in modern mobile phone dazzling modelling and under the multi-function packaging is too few to notice in the mobile phone vibration motor, when the caller id, general mobile phone can at least have two modes to remind users, one of which is the ring pattern, another is mute vibration mode;

When the cell phone is in vibration mode, it must use a vibration motor to generate the vibration.Only one of the many applications of vibration motors is cited as a reference, and the complete application level of miniature vibration motors will be introduced later.

Brush type vibration motor

Through the exchange of two pieces of brush and endpoint coil rotating contact, to produce continuously to promote the exchange of rotor spinning in the direction of the single electromagnetic fields, which is nowadays most has brush type vibration motor current commutation mechanism, to promote the rotor rotation, coupled with the rotor is uneven weight of plugins that can produce vibration effect;

This kind of the reversing mechanism belongs to the contact, however, two pieces of brush contact with the end of the coil to produce continuously, has the problem of low reliability and short life, and increases the risk of a spark, and the contact point can produce potential drop, reduce motor efficiency, when the vibration motor miniaturization, brush slice volume shrinking, also cause brush structure more fragile, at the same time increase the assembly difficulty.

Both mobile phones and health care devices are in close contact with users, so safety and reliability are the most important considerations. In the era of rising consumer safety awareness, brushed vibration motors will increasingly not meet the needs of The Times.

Coin Type Vibrating Motor

Brushless vibration motor

Brushless vibration motor adopts IC driver to induction magnetic field and achieve current reversal. IC induction achieves current reversal, unlike brush motor, which needs contact brush to achieve current reversal.Moreover, as the brushless motor adopts CI driver inside, the motor operation parameters (such as pr m speed) can be output outside, which is convenient for external monitoring and feedback control.On the basis of these advantages,

If dc brushless vibration motor is combined with the product, other functional changes can be derived to increase the added value of the product.

For example, for a healthy mobile phone with vibration massage function, the general brush type vibration motor cannot bear continuous and long-term operation. If it runs continuously for a long time, the internal temperature will rise due to constant friction of the brush, which is potentially dangerous and its service life will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, the brush type vibration horse is only suitable for intermittent short time operation;To development which has the function of massage health and mobile phones, is used by the internal vibration must be brushless motor type, can provide a continuous, long vibration massage function, and brushless motor runs after low temperature rise, and will stabilize in a few minutes, and if this massage health mobile phones need to be controlled more sections of vibration function, so to achieve the function of motor candidates, and not have IC driver brushless type vibration motor.

In addition to increasing the added value of mobile phones, dc brushless vibration motors can also be used in the aforementioned other broad fields and can also increase the added value of related products, so the market potential is extremely strong.

Post time: Oct-21-2019