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Medical device vibration motor is a kind of professional used in surgery, blood analysis, ventilator, infusion, nursing rehabilitation and other different medical equipment on the motor, medical device motor design precision, specific materials, better performance, the overall more in line with the specific use of medical treatment.Not all motors are suitable for medical applications, mainly precision hollow cup motors, brushless motors and micro servo motors.

Below we come together to understand the medical device micro motor must have what requirements?

Characteristics of medical motor:

1. Low noise, energy saving and environmental protection

The design of the medical device motor applied in various fields of the hospital is mainly improved in noise decibels and shock absorption functions, so it is more suitable for use in the quiet indoor environment of the hospital, and the low-noise environment can also promote the good sleep and the rehabilitation of patients.

2. Good security

A good medical device motor is the result of a series of high technology and technology.When the medical motor reaches the load load power of the maximum point, the motor completes automatic protection in the form of automatic tripping.Moreover, the anti-vibration design of the motor can improve the safety guarantee in the use process.

3. Strong control:

There are many devices on medical devices that need to be operated precisely and that require a lot of control.Quick starting and braking, extremely fast response, mechanical time constant less than 28 ms, some products can reach less than 10 ms.The medical instrument motor with strong control can ensure the treatment effect of patients.

4. Good heat dissipation

Medical device motor also has good heat dissipation performance, and good heat dissipation performance can also be damaged accessories to extend the life of the motor.Fast heat dissipation is also an important condition for medical equipment to work for a long time. Many medical devices are generally kept on standby for 24 hours, and the heat generated by the device itself during continuous use is very large.

5. Strong stability and reliability

Medical device motor is the core component of hospital equipment.The requirements for stability and reliability must be optimized.Strong stability can reduce equipment failure and provide more convenience for the medical field with efficient continuous operation.

The above are the five essential requirements of the medical device motor in use. As the main driving core component, the medical motor bears part of the responsibility of saving lives, so even if it meets the above requirements, it can only be used in clinical practice after a long time of experimental testing.

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Post time: Jan-07-2020