What kind of motor is in the phone?

Mobile phone has become a necessity of modern life, call, video, mobile office, small Windows filled with our living space

Motor and its working principle

"Motor" is the transliteration of English motor, which means electric motor or engine.

The engine is a power device for converting chemical energy into mechanical energy.The motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy by rotating the rotor driven by the electromagnetic force in the magnetic field.

Mobile phone vibration motor

All phones have at least one small vibrating motor in them. When the phone is set to silent, the incoming message pulses are converted to a driving current, which causes the motor to turn.


vibrating coin motor

When the motor rotor shaft end is equipped with an eccentric block, eccentric force or exciting force will be generated when rotating, which will drive the mobile phone to vibrate periodically and prompt the user to answer the phone, so as to achieve the prompt function without affecting others.


BLDC Vibration Motor

The vibration motor in the old mobile phone is actually a miniature dc motor with a power supply voltage of about 3-4.5v. The control method is no different from the ordinary motor.

The most primitive mobile phone only has one vibration motor. With the upgrading and intelligentization of mobile phone application functions, the enhancement of photo taking, camera shooting and printing functions has become an important technical means for mobile phones of various brands to seize the market. Nowadays, smart phones should have at least two or more motors.

At present, special motors for mobile phones mainly include traditional vibration motors, linear vibration motors and voice coil motors.

Conventional vibration motor

The miniature dc motor with polarization block mentioned above is the traditional vibration motor for mobile phone, namely ERM motor or eccentric rotor motor.ERM is an abbreviation of Eccentric Mass.

Linear vibration motor

Different from rotary motion polarization motor, linear vibration motor moves in reciprocating linear motion.In terms of structure and principle, the traditional rotary motor is developed as a straight line by cutting along the axis, and the rotational motion is converted into linear motion.Linear vibration motor is also known as Linear Resonant Actuator LRA, where LRA is the abbreviation of "Linear Resonant Actuator" in English.

Voice coil motor

Because it works in the same way as a speaker, it is called a Voice Coil Motor or VCM Motor. VCM is taken from the initials of Voice Coil Motor.

ERM motor and LRA motor

With an eccentric rotor, the ERM motor can produce a full range of extreme vibration experience, low cost, long history of application.LRA motor has obvious advantages over ERM motor in two aspects:

● low power consumption, and vibration combination mode and speed can be more diverse and free.

● vibration is more elegant, crisp and refreshing.

VCM motor

Cell phone photography requires autofocus.According to the traditional way, the focusing function will greatly increase the size of the circuit board and the thickness of the phone, while the VCM auto focusing motor occupies a small area of the circuit board, has high reliability and supports high power, which is the best choice for mobile phone camera module.

In addition, the VCM motor also has the following characteristics:

● support lens telescopic reed way, can achieve smooth, continuous lens movement.

● can cooperate with all lenses, manufacturers of mobile phone/module selection flexibility.

Post time: Sep-23-2019