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With the rapid development of motor technology, many industries are gradually choosing brushless motor to replace the original scheme, but because the cost has not been widely used, many people do not understand why the unit price of brushless motor is so expensive?

Reasons for the high price of brushless motor:

1, the evolution of the brush, brushless motor is a motor products, its working principle is to use electronic commutation to replace the brush motor brush commutation, so does not exist because of the problem of mechanical commutation spark, and high-speed operation, because they don’t need regular replacement of carbon brush, the reliability of this motor will be higher, protective performance is better, suitable for a variety of working conditions.

2, brushless motor without brushes, friction greatly reduced during operation, smooth operation, noise will be reduced a lot.There is no problem of pressure drop of carbon brush in low speed and high current. It can run normally in low speed and high current, and the maximum speed can reach tens of thousands of revolutions.

3, brushless motor is the permanent magnetic steel on the rotor to establish the main magnetic field of the motor, so that more energy saving, high efficiency.Rotor no current, low motor heating, smaller volume can produce larger power, unit volume motor output, motor power density.

4. Drive control is required. The brushless motor can be operated only with a drive.

In order to achieve the above long life, low noise, high speed, high power, such as digital control requirements, both in material, mould, accessories to choose high quality, production process a lot need to introduce advanced automation equipment and develop the most efficient, tooling, test instruments and more precision than the original strictly, many aspects need to customize pay a higher cost than a brush motor.So you should understand the reason for the high unit price of brushless motor.

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Post time: Jan-15-2020