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  • Micromotor industry trends
    Post time: 10-21-2019

    1. The field of micromotor industry is expanding day by day Although micromotors are derived from small and medium-sized motors, with the continuous development and penetration of modern science and technology, part of the new micromotors gradually evolved into electrical and mechanical integrati...Read more »

  • Trends in miniature brushless vibration motors
    Post time: 10-21-2019

    The vibration of the motor has long been a challenge that the design developers of micro-vibration motors want to overcome. The vibration will produce annoying noise and reduce the bearing life. When the vibration frequency resonates with the natural frequency of the object, it will cause serious...Read more »

  • What is the constitution of a linear motor?
    Post time: 10-21-2019

    The moving electromagnet with three-phase ac electric excitation (as stator) is installed on both sides of the aluminum plate (but not in contact) in two rows. The magnetic force line is perpendicular to the aluminum plate, and the aluminum plate generates current by induction, thus generating dr...Read more »

  • Air model hollow cup motor
    Post time: 10-11-2019

    Dc motor and brushless motor are not at the same level, the corresponding drive circuit and power circuit are not the same, with a hollow cup as the motor, as long as 3V, each is ma level power supply, and the use of brushless motor may be 10A, 20A each; Such a few kinds are reflected in: 1, hard...Read more »

  • Electric toothbrush hollow cup motor
    Post time: 10-11-2019

    1. The origin of electric toothbrush In 1954, Swiss physician philippe-Guy Woog invented the first wired electric toothbrush, and Broxo S A manufactured the first commercial electric toothbrush, named Broxodent.In the following decade, electric toothbrush gradually emerged and entered Europe and ...Read more »

  • What are the advantages of hollow cup motor over ordinary dc motor
    Post time: 10-11-2019

    The structure of the hollow cup motor breaks through the traditional rotor structure of the motor, using a coreless rotor, also known as the hollow cup rotor.The new rotor structure completely eliminates the power loss caused by the eddy current formed by the core.So what are the advantages of ho...Read more »

  • What kind of motor is in the phone?
    Post time: 09-23-2019

    Mobile phone has become a necessity of modern life, call, video, mobile office, small Windows filled with our living space Motor and its working principle "Motor" is the transliteration of English motor, which means electric motor or engine. The engine is a power device ...Read more »

  • How does mobile phone vibration work
    Post time: 09-23-2019

    Do not know every day in the use of mobile phones, have you ever thought of such a question: mobile phone vibration mode is how to operate?Why do phones vibrate better as they get thinner? The reason why the mobile phone vibrates mainly depends on the vibrator inside the...Read more »

  • Brush motor and brushless motor principle, and differences
    Post time: 09-10-2019

    In such an advanced age of automation, there is one thing that cannot be separated from the motor.Today we're going to talk about how motors work. A, brush motor working principle Brush motor is the first kind of motor we contact, the introduction of the motor in the phy...Read more »

  • Mobile phone is so thin, what vibration?Overview of vibration motor of mobile phone
    Post time: 09-05-2019

    Today, a friend suddenly asked me a question: "mobile phone is so thin, what vibration? Well, that's an interesting question Mobile vibrator Mobile vibrator consists of motor and CAM The CAM (eccentric device) is used to rotate in the mobile phone to generate vibration. ...Read more »

  • Analyze the reason of noise and abnormality in vibration motor running
    Post time: 09-01-2019

    According to the vibration motor manufacturer, the noise when the vibration motor is running may be caused by the following reasons: 1. Bearing wear and failure; 2, fixed, rotor loose core; 3. The voltage is too high or unbalanced; 4, the bearing lack of grease; 5. Fan h...Read more »

  • The reason of motor vibration is analyzed in detail
    Post time: 08-31-2019

    According to the vibration motor manufacturer, the structure of the motor contains both electrical and mechanical parts, so its faults should be analyzed in two parts.The reason of motor vibration fault is divided into two parts. Generally speaking, motor vibration is ca...Read more »

  • The vibration motor manufacturer explains the working principle of dc motor
    Post time: 08-31-2019

    According to the vibration motor manufacturer, the working principle of the dc motor is to change the alternating electromotive force generated by induction in the armature coil into a direct current electromotive force when it is drawn from the brush end by the commutat...Read more »

  • What is the difference between SMT motor and linear motor in mobile phone
    Post time: 08-30-2019

    China vibration motor factory will introduce SMT motor and linear motor to you today. Let's start with what a phone motor is: Mobile phone motor generally refers to the application of the vibration of mobile phone small da, his main role is to make mobile phone vibration...Read more »

  • Brushless motor control principle
    Post time: 08-29-2019

    Motor drive control is to control the motor rotation or stop, and the speed of rotation.The motor drive control part is also called electronic speed controller (ESC).Electrical adjustment corresponding to the use of different motors, including brushless and brush electri...Read more »

  • Knowledge of working principle of brush motor and brushless motor
    Post time: 08-29-2019

    Brush motor working principle The main structure of brushless motor is stator + rotor + brush, and the torque is obtained by rotating magnetic field to output kinetic energy.The brush is constantly in contact with the commutator to conduct electricity and change phase in...Read more »

  • Why is the “motor” the key to the future development of mobile phones?
    Post time: 08-26-2019

    What does the vibrator do? In a word.Its purpose is to help the phone achieve simulated vibration feedback, giving users tactile reminders in addition to sound (auditory). But in fact, "vibration motors" can also be divided into three or nine grades, and excellent vibrat...Read more »

  • Can you call a flagship without a linear motor?Why are linear motors so popular
    Post time: 08-25-2019

    In recent years, flagship phones have tended to focus on the physical experience rather than the score standard. Take the better linear motor, for example. Today, the flagship phone with a linear motor has three steps: the one plus 7 Pro, the meizu 16s and the OPPO Reno 10x zoom. We will do an an...Read more »

  • What is the experience of a phone with a lateral linear motor?
    Post time: 08-25-2019

    For mobile phone users, mobile phone vibration is the most easily ignored function, but in daily life, mobile phone vibration has an important application.The movement of objects back and forth is called "vibration." the most common type of cellphone vibration is the vib...Read more »

  • The phone’s motor doesn’t just vibrate, it simulates everything
    Post time: 08-22-2019

    Every smartphone now has a built-in vibration motor, which is mainly used to make the phone vibrate.In everyday use of mobile phones, vibration provides better human-computer interaction when you tap the keyboard, unlock the fingerprint, and play games.In recent years, m...Read more »

  • Can a phone vibrate so well?What’s a linear motor on a cell phone?Let’s look at linear motors
    Post time: 08-22-2019

    When we are using the mobile phone, we should all use the mobile phone vibration function, such as mobile phone call vibration, when playing games can also follow the rhythm of the game vibration, and click the mobile phone can also simulate the vibration effect, and so on. So how does mobile ph...Read more »

  • Sogou input method first adaptive linear vibration motor: every vibration, are deeply popular
    Post time: 08-16-2019

    Smartphones are becoming more competitive, and metrics have long moved beyond hardware or test software.As physical keys fade from the mobile phone wave, a new feature is already online: linear motor vibration. So the question is, what is a linear motor?In simple terms, in the use of mobile phone...Read more »

  • Mobile phone vibration motor – long knowledge
    Post time: 08-16-2019

    What is a mobile phone motor? Mobile phone motor generally refers to the application of the vibration of mobile phone small da, his main role is to make mobile phone vibration effect;The vibration effect serves as feedback to the user during the operation of the mobile phone. There are two types ...Read more »

  • What is a cell phone vibration motor | LEADER
    Post time: 05-05-2019

    The vibration of a mobile phone is actually a category of micro vibration motors. Mobile phones are a necessity for modern people. They have quietly changed our lives. When there is a phone call, we don’t want to affect the surrounding friends, the vibrating sounds, remind us… Vibration Mot...Read more »

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