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Micro DC motors Manufacturers,Supplier,China | LEADER


The micro dc motor basically is cylindrical vibration motor. Thus create it inserted into a plastic shell or a metal capsules. This not solely permits the motor to be waterproof however conjointly maintains a robust vibration force.

Strong vibrating force, silent voice for demanding applications. Small but quiet, cheap price, good performance and long lifetime are the advantages of this types of small dc motors.

  • 价格:US $ 0 /件
  • 数量:100件/件
  • 供应能力:300万件/月件
  • 港口:深圳
  • 付款方式:L / C,d / A,d / P,T / T
  • 品牌名称:领导者
  • 结构:永磁
  • 保护功能:全封闭
  • 技术数据:可定制
  • 产品信息


    This micro dc motors with spring contacts. The spring contacts of these cylindrical vibration motor are not designed to be soldered to. A downward force must but be applied to the top of the motors body to compress the spring contacts directly against corresponding PCB contact pads.

    The micro electric motors are mounted in a silicone rubber boot that helps retain the motor in the pocket and helps dampen high frequency harmonics. When the cover is closed, the contacts mate with corresponding pads on the PCB.

    micro electric motors

    Product Technical Parameters of Cylindrical DC Motor:

    发源地 广东省,中国(大陆)
    型号 LD8404E18
    用法 手机,手表和乐队,按摩器,医疗器械
    证书 ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001
    类型 微型马达
    特征 振动
    额定转速 13500±2000rpm
    额定电流 55毫安最大
    启动电压 2.0(V) DC Max
    额定电压 3.0(V)的直流
    工作电压 2.7〜3.6(V)的直流
    使用寿命 1.8V,2S ON,OFF 1S,1,000,000次循环

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    micro dc motor manufacturers

    And it has continuously introduced outstanding management personnel. It has passed ISO9001:2015 international quality management system, ISO14001:2015 environment management system and OHSAS18001:2011 occupational health and safety management system, to ensure the superiority of product quality and the stability of product performance, and to form the competitiveness of its own characteristics, which lays the foundation for the company to become the leader of the industry.


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