Micro DC Motors,Cylindrical Electric,Linear,3V | LEADER

Micro DC Motors,Cylindrical Electric,Linear,3V | LEADER


These are quality micro electric motors that can be used in the medical, plastic automotive, and consumer application and product.

  • 价格:US $ 0 /件
  • 数量:100件/件
  • 供应能力:300万件/月件
  • 港口:深圳
  • 付款方式:L / C,d / A,d / P,T / T
  • 品牌名称:领导者
  • 结构:永磁
  • 保护功能:全封闭
  • 技术数据:可定制
  • 产品信息


    This cylindrical electricr motor can be used to provide feedback in a human interface system where touch is utilized.

    The micro dc motors are small and compact which allows you to install them into an application where space is a vital commodity.

    cylindrical electricr motor

    cylindrical dc motor

    Product Technical Parameters of Cylindrical Linear Motor: 

    发源地 广东省,中国(大陆)
    型号 LD8404E2
    用法 手机,手表和乐队,按摩器,医疗器械
    证书 ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001
    类型 微型马达
    特征 振动
    额定转速 11000±2500RPM
    额定电流 105毫安最大
    启动电压 2.0(V) DC Max
    额定电压 3.0(V)的直流
    工作电压 2.7〜3.6(V)的直流
    使用寿命 3.0V,1S ON,1S OFF, 200,000 cycles


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