Coin Vibration Motor

Coin vibration motors, also known as shaftless or pancake vibrator motors, generally in Ø7mm – Ø12mm ; It is available with either an FPC or wire leads. Versions with foam pads and without adhesive are also available. It was designed for devices requiring vibration alerts or haptic feedback.
Coin type vibration motor are compact and convenient to use.
Vibration motor coin integrate into many designs because they have no external moving parts, and can be affixed in place with a strong permanent self-adhesive mounting system.
Enclosures can easily be moulded to accept the coin form of our shaftless vibration motors.
Coin lra vibration motor Applications
Due to their small size and enclosed vibration mechanism, coin vibrating motors are a popular choice for many different applications. They are great for haptics, particularly in handheld instruments where space can be at a premium:vibrating table motor,vibrating pager motor,vibrating motor radio shack,vibrating cell phone motor,furnace motor vibrating,toothbrush vibrating motor…
If a higher vibrational force is required, please consider using one of leader’s larger sized coin vibration motors. These motors range from 7 mm to 12 mm in diameter and can generate vibrational forces of up to 1.35 G.