How to Choose 8 x 2mm Vibration Motor for Mobile Phone?

There is 3 typical 3v dc mini vibration motor:

1.cylindrical motor

2.coin or flat motor

3. Linear motor

How to choose a dc permanent magnet mini vibrating phone motor?

Usually, cylindrical type vibration motor have strong vibration and customer choose cylindrical motor before.

But now customer like coin type vibration motor better.


1.Coin type coreless motor have strong vibration but also noisy.

2.0830 coin type vibration motor are not easy to assemble and high unquality rate as it assemble outside.

3.Compare from motor work direction and the position of the center of gravity differ to different vibration. Pls refer to follow picture.

Coin Type Coreless Motor

Anyhow,now we have smt vibrating motor which can be easy assemble to PCB and linear motor with sensitive vibration.

2.7v smt vibration motor

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Post time: Sep-30-2018
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