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The cylindrical motor is a very small micro dc motor; it can be vibrated when energized;

Characteristics and application fields of cylindrical (hollow cup) motors

Because the cylindrical (hollow cup) motor overcomes the insurmountable technical obstacles of the iron core motor, and its outstanding features focus on the main performance of the motor, it has a wide application field.

Especially with the rapid development of industrial technology, the servo characteristics of the motor are constantly put forward higher expectations and requirements, so that the cylindrical motor has an irreplaceable position in many applications.

The application of cylindrical motors, from the military and high-tech fields to the large industrial and civilian fields, has developed rapidly in more than a decade, especially in industrialized countries, which has involved most industries and many products.

1. A follow-up system that requires fast response.

Such as the rapid adjustment of the flight direction of the missile, the follow-up control of the high-magnification optical drive, fast automatic focusing, highly sensitive recording and detection equipment, industrial robots, bionic prosthetic limbs, etc., the hollow cup motor can well meet its technical requirements.

2. Products that require smooth and long-lasting drag on the drive components.

Such as all kinds of portable instrumentation, personal portable equipment, field equipment, electric vehicles, etc., the same set of power supply, the power supply time can be more than doubled.

3, a variety of aircraft, including aviation, aerospace, aircraft models.

The hollow cup motor has the advantages of light weight, small size and low energy consumption, which can minimize the weight of the aircraft.

4. A variety of civilian electrical appliances and industrial products.

The use of a hollow cup motor as an actuator enables improved product quality and superior performance.

5, using its high energy conversion efficiency, also used as a generator; using its linear operating characteristics, also used as a tachogenerator; with a reducer, can also be used as a torque motor.

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