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 Micro motors are often used on mobile phones; their main function is to make the phone vibrate.

  Mobile phone vibration motor features:

  The effect of mobile phones on micro-vibration motors is more stringent;

  The first-line brand requires the phone to be placed on a flat surface. After the vibration is turned on, the phone can rotate on the plane to the best.

  The smartphone has a low requirement for vibration, and the touch screen phone requires a touch to meet the requirements.

  Type of motor mobile phone:

  1、Cylindrical Motor;

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  2、Coin Vibration Motor;

vibration motor in mobile phone

  3、Linear Vibration Motor;

micro ac motors

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  Mobile phone motor process type and application:

  1. Wire vibration motor:

  There are two types of manual welding and connector sockets;

  The material cost is lower, the manufacturer needs to increase the manual welding assembly process, and the labor cost is higher;

  2. The spring contacts the vibration motor;

  Special structural design coordination is required, and the substitutability is poor;

  3. SMD vibration motor: divided into two types: flat patch type and sinker type;

  The sinker type can meet the ultra-thin requirements of the mobile phone and save the thickness of the PCB.

  The chip motor is the best of all types of motors, and is also the item that international brand mobile phones respect.

  The flat motor size: (diameter + thickness, such as 08 means diameter 8MM, 27 means thickness 2.7MM)

  0827, 0830, 0834 1020, 1027, 1030, 1034 1227, 1234

micro vibration motors

  The cylindrical motor size : (length * width * height) 11 * 4.5 * 3.4mm; 11 * 4.3 * 4.5mm; 12 * 4.5 * 4.5mm; 13 * 4.4 * 4.5mm

 The reason why the mobile phone vibration motor makes the phone vibrate

  (1) caused by the eccentric rotation of the metal rod.

  Since the metal rod rotates at high speed in the sealed metal case,

  The internal air of the metal case is also subjected to vigorous movement by friction.

  This causes the entire sealed metal box to vibrate, which in turn drives the entire mobile phone to vibrate.

  Since the metal rods make a large share of the energy for high-speed rotation, this is the main cause of vibration of the mobile phone.

  (2) Caused by unstable center of gravity.

  Since the metal rods connected to the rotating shaft of the vibration motor are not arranged in a geometrically symmetrical manner;

  The rotating shaft of the vibration motor rotates through a yaw angle in the direction of the center of mass.

  The metal rod is actually not rotating in the horizontal plane.

  During rotation, the position of the center of mass changes as the position of the metal bar changes;

  Therefore, the plane of rotation of the metal rod is also constantly changing at an angle to the horizontal plane.

  This ever-changing movement of the centroid in a certain spatial range will inevitably cause the position of this object to move.

  When the change is small and very frequent, it is macroscopically vibrating.

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