The phone’s motor doesn’t just vibrate, it simulates everything

Every smartphone now has a built-in vibration motor, which is mainly used to make the phone vibrate.In everyday use of mobile phones, vibration provides better human-computer interaction when you tap the keyboard, unlock the fingerprint, and play games.In recent years, major mobile phones have launched new phones to compete with each other. In addition to the continuous upgrading of processors, screens and systems, mobile phone vibration motors have also been constantly upgraded to bring better vibration experience.

Mobile phone vibration motor is divided into rotor motor and linear motor.Rotor motor is driven by a motor a semicircular iron block and generate vibration. The advantage of rotor motor is mature technology, low cost, disadvantages are large space, slow rotation response, no direction of vibration, vibration is not obvious.While most smartphones used to have rotor motors, most flagship phones now don't.

Linear motors can be subdivided into transverse linear motors and longitudinal linear motors. Lateral linear motors can also bring displacement in the four directions of the front, left and right in addition to vibration, while longitudinal linear motors can be regarded as an upgraded version of rotor motors, with compact vibration and stop-start experience.Linear motors have more vibration and lower power consumption than rotor motors, but they are expensive.

So what can linear motors do for us?

At present, many mobile phone manufacturers have adopted linear motors. Considering the cost, they are commonly used longitudinal linear motors, such as mi 6, mi 8, yi plus 6, nut R1 and so on.Conventional rotor motors are much better at vibration subtlety and experience.

OPPO Reno USES the lateral linear motor. When you turn on the Reno 10x zoom camera and slowly slide the zoom or adjust the professional parameters, the built-in linear motor with vibration adjustment will simulate a subtle simulation damping sense, giving the user the illusion of rotating the lens, which is very realistic.

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Post time: Aug-22-2019
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