Ultimate Guide to Know about 1234 Coin Type Motor Applications

1234 Coin Type Motor Applications:

1. Apply to hand-held radio to provide a vibration motor vibration alerts.

mini bldc vibrating motor

8 x 2mm vibration motor add an extra dimension to the user interface, suitable for use with batteries in portable Products, the bibrating motors can be used for haptic devices, haptic keypad, haptic switch, haptic feedback vibration, haptic input device, haptic feedback device, haptic technology companies, massage motors, haptic motor controller, haptic hardware, haptic phone.

2. Apply to bluetooth gamepad dual motor vibration game controller.

1.3v dc vibrating motor
Built-in gravity sensors, gives 3X gravity acceleration, dual motor vibration bring your real game experience. Games controllers use the haptic feedback and ‘ dual vibe ‘ system became very popular thanks to the enhanced tactile feedback of two 8mm mini vibrating motor, one for the light vibration and the other for heavy vibration feedback.

3. Apply to apple touch screen for haptic force feedback.

fpcb phone vibrating motor

Built-in gravity sensors, gives 3X gravity acceleration, dual mini smt vibrating motor bring your real game experience.

4. Apply to a smart watch called SUNU.

ultrathin vibrating motor

Sunu can discreetly tell time with Sunu’s haptic vibrating clock. Haptic vibration feedback enables awareness and navigation. Vibrations on your wrist intensify as you approach an object. Keep track of time discreetly with our vibrational clock. Pulses accurately tell you the hour and minutes. The resulting ‘echo’ is then be processed and converted into vibrations. The intensify of the vibrations depend on the bracelet’s proximity to the object. The vibrations intensify as the user gets closer to an object or obstacle.
What can Leader Electronic Motor do?

By introducing tactile feedback to touch interfaces in these applications, users gain extra confidence and task completion times are reduced. This ultimately increases the user’s overall experience and the HMI system’s efficiency.

Leader motor offers a complete line of haptic feedback solutions which have the ability to offer eccentric rotating mass (ERM), linear resonant actuator (LRA), and piezoelectric actuators. Leader’s haptic feedback motors have the ability to provide high quality haptic feedback that is consistent across time, environmental conditions and unit variations. This allows for maximum impact to the user.

Post time: Sep-28-2018
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