What is an induction motor

      Induction motor, also known as induction motor, is a kind of induction motor.Induction motor is a stator rotor by electromagnetic induction, induction current in the rotor to achieve a few energy conversion of the motor, its advantages are simple structure, easy to manufacture, cheap price, easy to run;The disadvantage is the power factor lag, light load power factor is low, speed performance is a little poor.

  The high precision gear adopts the new NC gear hobbing setting, producing JIS 3 gear, running smoothly.The high precision box is machined by CNC turning and milling compound machine, the gear set position is accurate, and the gear meshing is smooth.Reliable quality gear assembly through NC gear meshing machine test, control gear assembly meshing accuracy, transmission efficiency.Indeed, the special computer simulation software for gear reduction ratio is designed to correctly calculate the gear strength, correct gear reduction ratio and mesh accuracy, and improve the positioning control accuracy.The joint of the sealed box body is sealed with oil sealing o-ring to prevent leakage, even if the filling oil will not leak.

  Induction motor is mainly used in computer external equipment, photographic system, photoelectric combination device, valve control, nuclear reactor, bank terminal, CNC machine tool, automatic winding machine, electronic clock and medical equipment and other fields.

  No matter what kind of motor, such as decelerating motor or decelerating motor has its own characteristics, what are the outstanding performance characteristics and shortcomings of induction motor?Firstly, the induction motor has the following differences from other motors, which is also the reason why it can be widely used:

  1) more and more miniaturization, lighter quality and more convenient transportation;

  2) the high-speed rotation of 10000 RPM brings strong power

  3) high operating efficiency at high speed and low torque;

  4) high torque at low speed and wide controllable speed range;

  5) the solid case and fuselage can ensure the service life of the induction motor (motor);

  6) due to the continuous progress of technology, the production cost of induction motor is relatively low;

  7) simpler control devices are more acceptable to ordinary people;

  The induction motor has so many advantages, are there any disadvantages?The disadvantage of induction motor is: the power is inferior to other such as decelerating motor, light load power factor is low, in the speed regulation is inferior to the speed regulation motor so freely.

  Some methods of speed control for induction motors:

  First, the stator voltage is changed to control the speed.Second, change the stator frequency, or speed.

Post time: Dec-31-2019