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Adding Connectors to Coin Vibration Motors

Connectors may be added to any of our small vibration motors.

Please let us know the type of connector you would like to use and we will provide you with a lead time and minimum order quantity. The quote will include our motor as well as the connectors mounted on the leads. Notably, we rely on subcontractors to produce these cable assemblies and we are subject to their minimum order quantities.

Due to supply chain challenges from Japanese connector manufacturers such as JST, Hirose, Molex, SMK, etc., we often receive quotes with lead times of 4 to 6 months and minimum order quantities are very high. Therefore, we often use connectors made in China, which are cost-effective and have shorter lead times. However, compared to Japanese manufacturers, they offer the same performance and models.

The most popular connector for LEADER Micro motors:

Molex 51021-0200 - 1.25mm Pin

Manufacture: Molex

Part Number: 512021-0200

Application: single, wire to board or wire to wire

Circuits(max): 2

Pitch: 1.25mm(0.049")

Crimp Terminal: 50058, 50079

Mating wires: UL1571 28/30/32AWG

Mating Parts: 51047 Crimp Housing, 53047 PCB Header, 53048 PCB Header, 53261 PCB Header, 53398 PCB Header


JST SHR-02V-S-B - 1.0mm pin

Manufacture: JST

Part Number: SHR-02V-S-B

Application: Wire to Board Crimp style Connectors

Circuits(max): 2

Pitch: 1.00mm(0.039")

Crimp Terminal: SSH-003T-P2.0-H

Mating wires: UL1571 28/30/32AWG

Mating Parts: BM02B-SRSS-TB


JST ACHR-02V-S - 1.20mm PIN

Manufacture: JST

Part Number: ACHR-02V-S-B

Application: Wire to Board Crimp style Connectors

Circuits(max): 2

Pitch: 1.20mm(0.047")

Crimp Terminal: SACH-003G-P0.2, SACH-003G-P0.2B

Mating wires: UL1571 28/30/32AWG

Mating Parts: BM02B-ACHSS-GAN-ETF


Provide us with your cable assembly.

Since we do not install connectors at our factory, you can provide us with cables with connectors already installed. This cable assembly can be supplied to us by the connector manufacturer or the cable assembly contractor of your choice.

Add the connectors yourself

If you choose to add your own connectors on our micro vibrator, please consider the wire gauge (usually AWG 30 or 32) and make sure it is compatible with your connectors. We can supply any coin vibration motor without wires, allowing you to solder the cable assembly directly to the motor's PCB pads.

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