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Small Coin Vibration Motor “7mm” | LEADER Motor LCM-0720

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The 7mm brushed motor is a compact and efficient small vibration device. It commonly used in mobile devices, smart wearable devices and other small electronic products.

Small coin vibration motor “7mm” has small size and strong vibration, make it suitable for providing vibration feedback in a limited space.

This type of mini vibration motor can produce rapid and sustained vibrations through electrical excitation, allowing it to provide vibration alerts or feedback to equipment.

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- Dimension: Dia 7mm, thickness 2.0mm.

-  Low Power Consumption

- Design with compact and lightweight.

- Wide Range of Models

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This special coin-shaped micro vibrator motor is designed for devices. It requires vibration alerts or tactile feedback. The vibration force is relatively low at 0.6G, making it most suitable for lightweight devices. It came into direct contact with the user's skin. Mini vibration motor can be powered by DC voltage or PWM signal.

Technology Type: BRUSH
Diameter (mm): 7.0
Thickness (mm): 2.0
Rated Voltage (Vdc): 3.0
Operating Voltage (Vdc): 2.7~3.3
Rated Current MAX (mA): 85
Starting Current (mA): 120
Rated Speed (rpm, MIN): 9000
Part Packaging: Plastic Tray
Qty per reel / tray: 100
Quantity - Master box: 8000
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 A driver IC is not required. Custom foam pads and wire lengths are available for mass-production orders. It's purpose-built for wearables and is highly recognized by leading companies in fitness trackers and medical devices.

The micro vibration motor has many models to select and it's very ecomonical because of the highly automatic production and the lower labor costs. The main applications of coin vibration motor are smart phones, smart watches, bluetooth earmuffs and beauty devices.

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FAQ For Coin Vibration Motor

What are the dimensions of this coin vibration motor?

- The dimensions are 7mm in diameter and 2.0mm in thickness.

What is the rated voltage and current for the 0720 micro motor?

- The rated voltage is typically between 2.7-3.3v, and the rated current is 80mA.

What is the lifespan of this coin vibration motor?

The lifespan of this coin vibration motors depend on the usage and operating conditions, but it can typically last up to 50,000 cycles under 1s on, 1s off.

Does the 0720 coin vibration motor come with an adhesive backing?

- This type of motor usually comes with adhesive tape and foam.

What is the smallest electrical motor?

The smallest electrical motor refers to miniature motors (sometimes called ultra-small motors) that are designed to be compact in size and have extremely small dimensions. These motors can be as small as a few millimeters or even smaller in diameter. They are typically used in applications where space is limited, such as in medical devices, drones or micro-robotics.

What is the price of mini electric motor?

Mini Electric Motor product price ranges from a few dollars to around $50. Minimum order requirements from 1 to 500.

How does a mini electric motor work?

An electric motor is a device that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. By utilizing the interaction between an electric current flowing through wire windings and a magnetic field, electric motors generate a rotational force on the motor's shaft. This torque enables the motor to perform mechanical tasks in various applications.

How efficient are small electric motors?

In general, small electric motors are known for their relatively high efficiency. Many modern small electric motors can achieve efficiency levels greater than 80%, and some can exceed 90% efficiency. Advances in motor design, improved materials and better manufacturing techniques have contributed to these high-efficiency levels.


The coin vibration motor has many models to select and it's very economical because of the highly automatic production and the lower labor costs. Coin Vibration motor (0720 coin) is mainly used in the following products:

—Smartphones, to provide haptic feedback for notifications, calls, and other events. They can also be used to enhance the tactile feedback of buttons or virtual buttons on the screen.

—Wearable devices, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers to provide haptic feedback for notifications, calls, and activity tracking. They can also be used to enhance the user experience with touch-based controls.

— E-cigarette, by attaching the motor, it can provide tactile feedback to users. When the user activates or deactivates the device, the motor generates a vibration effect that provides haptic feedback to the user.In addition, the miniature electric motor can also generate a vibration during inhalation, which can enhance the overall experience of using the electronic cigarette. This vibration effect can create a sense of satisfaction that is similar to the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette.

—Eye masks, to provide gentle massaging and relaxation through vibrations. Mini dc motors can also be used to enhance the experience of meditation or relaxation techniques by providing soothing vibrations to the eyes and head.


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  • Quality Control

    We have 200% inspection before shipment and the company enforces quality management methods, SPC, 8D report for defective products. Our company has a strict quality control procedure, which mainly tests four contents as follow:

    Quality Control

    01. Performance Testing; 02. Waveform Testing; 03. Noise Testing; 04. Appearance Testing.

    Company Profile

    Established in 2007, Leader Micro Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales of micro vibration motors. Leader mainly manufactures coin motors, linear motors, brushless motors and cylindrical motors, covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters. And the annual capacity of micro motors is nearly 80 million. Since its founding, Leader has sold nearly a billion of vibration motors all over the world, which are widely used on about 100 kinds of products in different fields. The main applications conclude smartphones, wearable devices, electronic cigarettes and so on.

    Company Profile

    Reliability Test

    Leader Micro has professional laboratories with a full set of testing equipment. The main reliability testing machines are as below:

    Reliability Test

    01. Life Test; 02. Temperature & Humidity Test; 03. Vibration Test; 04. Roll Drop Test;05. Salt Spray Test; 06. Simulation Transport Test.

    Packaging & Shipping

    We support air freight, sea freight and express.The main express are DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, TNT etc. For the packaging: 100pcs motors in a plastic tray >> 10 plastic trays in a vacuum bag >> 10 vacuum bags in a carton.

    Besides, we can provide free samples on request.

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