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The cell phone vibration motor is a type of DC brush motor motor;

Used to realize the vibration function of the mobile phone;

When a text message or phone call is received, the micro vibrator is started;

Driving the eccentric to rotate at a high speed to generate vibration;

vibrating motor in cell phone

Phone vibrating motor introduction

Today’s mobile phone vibration motors are getting smaller and smaller.

To meet the needs of the increasingly thin and light mobile phone body.

Generally speaking, everyone often knows that there is a vibration function in the mobile phone.

In quiet libraries and conference rooms, we can usually use the vibration function;

This vibration is the fundamental role played by a mini vibration motor inside the phone;

Only the presence of this miniature motor can make the phone have the fundamental function of vibration.

The other is the camera lens telescopic function of the mobile phone;

For mobile phones, ordinary electromagnetic motors are too large in size and consume too much power.

Using a micro motor

“It will make the lens system performance of the phone comparable to that of a separate digital camera.”

According to reports,

Smartphone vibrator produced by leader electronics

The accuracy is 10 times higher than the electromagnetic motor with the same function;

And lower power consumption;

Like all electrical devices, the motor uses ultrasonic vibrations that are inaudible to the human ear to create motion and is very quiet at work.

vibrating cell phone motor

The basic principle of the cell phone vibration motor

The outside of the vibrating motor is an outer casing made of engineering plastics;

In addition to the outer box, there is a tiny DC motor that drives the eccentric to rotate.

There is also a very simple integrated circuit to control the start and stop of the motor.

When the phone is set to “Vibrate” status, the control circuit is turned on.

There is an eccentric wheel on the motor shaft. When the motor rotates, the center point of the eccentric wheel is not on the center of the motor.

The motor is in a state of constant loss of balance, causing vibration due to inertia.

In fact, micro vibration motors have long been used in precision applications such as toothbrushes and medical devices that produce vibration.

As technology and processes evolve, their costs continue to decline;

Consumer electronics manufacturers are also beginning to consider using piezoelectric motors.

In the future, this type of product will find its place in more fields such as portable products and medical equipment.

LEADER – micro vibration motor, specifically for mobile phone vibration modules and medical device applications.

vibrating motor cell phone

Our company’s products can meet the mobile phone vibration function that the public needs.

Can also meet the basic functions of some medical equipment, even toys, vibration toothbrushes, smart wearable devices, etc. can be needed;

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Post time: Mar-14-2019