How does a vibrating motor work?

Vibration motor is also known as the vibration motor, just called different, and there is no essential difference.Vibration motor is mostly used in the light industry sector, through the excitation force to drive the equipment to produce vibration, it looks small, but the function is great, in all walks of life is not negligible.

DC Vibration Motor of Linear Motor LD-X0612AF-0001F from China


So how does a vibrating motor work?

1. Working principle of vibrating motor:

Vibration motor is also called vibration motor, its working principle is to use the power source and vibration source combined as one of the excitation source, in the rotor shaft at both ends of the installation of a group of adjustable eccentric block, using the shaft and eccentric block high-speed rotation generated by centrifugal force to get the excitation force.

The thermal change of vibration motor is described by temperature rise instead of temperature. When the temperature rise of vibration motor is suddenly raised or exceeds the maximum operating temperature, it indicates that there is a fault, because of the voltage is too low, single-phase operation, phase short circuit or bearing oil, tightening bolts loose.

2. Different types of vibration motors are used in different machines

There are many types of vibrating motors, which are usually marked with English letters. Different types of vibrating motors are suitable for different vibrating machines. This should not be confused.For example, on the market vibration molding machine, vibration motor machines are used in different types of vibration motor.

3. Long service life of vibrating motor

Normal manufacturer of vibration motors use fixed number of year for a long time, is not easy to wear, the quality is reliable, even some led clients don’t understand of problem, can also be the first time contact factory, but the premise is to choose a reliable sound after-sales service system, is also important, so choose cooperation manufacturer determines the feeling in the future.

Extended information

Classification of vibration motors

According to the different structure and working principle of the motor, it can be divided into dc motor, asynchronous motor and synchronous motor.

1. Synchronous motors can also be divided into permanent magnet synchronous motors, reluctance synchronous motors and hysteresis synchronous motors.

2. Asynchronous motors can be divided into induction motors and ac commutator motors.Induction motor is divided into three – phase asynchronous motor, single – phase asynchronous motor and asynchronous motor.Ac commutator motor is divided into single-phase series motor, ac and dc two – answer motor and repulsion motor.

3, dc motor according to the structure and working principle can be divided into brushless dc motor and brush dc motor.Brushless dc motor can be divided into permanent magnet dc motor and electromagnetic dc motor.

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