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Introduction to Linear Motor

(1) This is the newly developed Linear Motor vibrating in direction Z with a very long life time of 1 million cycles at the test mode 2s On 1s Off as one cycle.
(2) This Linear Motor also have a very strong acceleration/ vibration force at its peak acceleration value around 1.8G, much stronger than other normal brush type coin motors at 0.6-0.8G usually.
(3) To use this Linear Motor, users need to add IC drivers in the PCB to activate this motor.
(4) This Linear Motor is specially for high-end and high reliable electronic consumer products.



Applications: Mobile phone, cell phone, health dental, Vibrator,Personal CareBoat, Car, Electric Bicycle, Fan, Game machines, Home appliance, Beauty product, Pager, Personal care, Health product equipment, Massager, Massage Rod, Eye Massager, Body Massager, Hair dryer, Hair Clipper, Electric shaver, Electric tool power, vehicles equipments, toys and so on.

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Post time: Jul-02-2018
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