know more about Leader Mirco Electronic for the dc permanent magnet Vibrating motor.

Leader Micro Electronic Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of coin vibrating motors with more than 10 years’ experience. We specialize in manufacturing micro motors of φ8mm, φ10mm in bar, coin, and SMT type, also new linear vibrating motor and gear motor.

Leader has its own independent team for R&D of motor and automation equipment, which enhance to develop new product and lower cost. Also the mature and advanced production lines guarantee large capacity and good quality.

Our company has built a complete system for process, management and service. That have lain a foundation for Leader to develop from a uprising star to a leader within the industry.


More answers will help you understand Leader Micro Electronic better:

Q: What kind products you can provide?

A: Our main products are DC Motors, AC Motors, Gear Motors, Brushless Motors, Linear Motors and SMD motors. We also provide OEM service for whole products including packing.

Q: Can I have a motor with 12V or for XXX application?

A: Please share more details like the speed, torque, motor size. If you can send us a picture with marked dimension or detailed datasheet, that’ll be great. We can’t tell what kind motor you are looking for just by voltage and application.


Q: Can you share the lifetime of the motor?

A: For all of our motors, they are custom made based on different requirements, so there is no standard lifetime. And lifetime is also related how you use the motor under which load. Normally our client will provide lifetime requirements and noise level etc. in the beginning then when we arrange samples, we will take those into consideration to choose suitable motor and materials to reach. Client will perform lifetime testing in their lab and their order will be arranged based on the passed samples.

Q: Do you provide samples ? Is it free or not?

A: Yes, but we only provide samples for clients can meet our MOQ for further order after sample approval.Some of them are free and the others are not. Freight will be paid by the buyer.




Post time: Jun-20-2018