What are the advantages of the application of brushless motor in the lazy toothbrush | LEADER

As a result of people’s attention to teeth, oral care products are now being used by more and more people. The lazy sonic toothbrush, known as the black technology of toothbrush, has overturned the definition of traditional brushing. Brushless motor is the core component of this toothbrush.

Five advantages of brushless motors

1. Obviously large torque force (large vibration force), not only the vibration of the no-load brush head is large, but also strong vibration force after adding a certain load.

2. Low noise, adopt brushless structure of double ball bearing, no resonant sound of shrapnel.

3. High working frequency, with brush head, good working at 150Hz.

4. High motor efficiency, rated working current 0.6-0.7a.It is significantly lower than 1.1~ 1.4a of existing motors, and the vibration effect is better at the same time.

5. Long life of the motor, the life of the motor is much longer than the existing products (the life of the motor is generally about ten hours under the strong range), and it can work continuously for more than 1000H.

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Post time: Jan-15-2020