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Under the trend of consumption upgrading, people pay more attention to the care of teeth, and related oral care products gradually appear in the market, and rapidly develop and popularize. Sonic electric toothbrush is one of the most representative categories.

Many enterprises want to enter the electric toothbrush industry share a slice of the pie, micro vibration motor is the main driving parts of the electric toothbrush, how to choose the right motor is particularly critical, our engineers to share with you to choose the electric toothbrush motor several important factors:

The four major elements of micro-motor selection:

1, specifications

At present, the main electric toothbrush in the market is divided into two categories: people and children.Because the specification of the motor determines the thickness of the handle design.

2, frequency,

A big characteristic of acoustic motor is high frequency, many people think that the higher the frequency, the better the effect of electric toothbrush brushing, but in fact, it is not, it is very important to use the experience, because of the structure, design problems every acoustic motor frequency is different, the appropriate vibration frequency is between 166-666Hz(10000-37000 times/min).

3, noise,

Acoustic toothbrush will produce certain noise when using, the experience is very poor when the sound is too high, mainly look at the design structure of the motor, cangxingda acoustic motor adopts double ball bearing structure, no shrapnel resonance sound.

4, life

The service life of the acoustic motor directly affects the market sales and brand effect of the electric toothbrush. At present, many manufacturers have launched the acoustic motor, good or bad, true or false is inseparable, good toothbrush motor should have a service life of nearly 500H at least.Our newly designed motor theory can reach 2000H.

Above is a simple description of the four main points of the selection of acoustic toothbrush motor, I hope to help those who want to do electric toothbrush friends.Refer to the above key considerations in motor selection.

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Post time: Jan-15-2020