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A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Mini Vibrating Motor from Leader Microelectronic CO.,LTD

With modern applications like touchscreens or gaming controllers, the common method used to provide feedback is vibration. Just like a flashing light or an audio cue, vibration is an effective indicator that an action has been registered — That is mini Vibrating motor.

We have two main transparent vibrating motor forms: Cylindrical motor and Coin vibration motor.

 Cylindrical Vibration Motors11111

A cylindrical motor is a simple motor that can rotate the mass away from the center of rotation. They have a cylindrical shape, the mass and the shaft of rotation are often exposed.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Cylindrical Vibration Motors:

The advantages of  cylindrical vibration motors are that they’re inexpensive and offer relatively strong vibrations when compared to coin vibration motors. You can also find ERMs with the offset mass encapsulated or enclosed for protection.

The tradeoffs come through the size, since they’re not usually as compact as the coin form factor. Additionally, you need to consider how to securely mount the cylindrical form factor within your device (especially since you have a free spinning mass whipping around, you’ll want to make sure the motor is bolted down, and there’s no interference for the spinning mass).

Examples of Cylindrical Vibration Motors:
Some common applications include gaming controllers, cellphones, wearables, medical devices and automotive touch screens.

Coin Vibration Motors


Coin vibration motors also employ a rotating offset mass, only in a flat and smaller form factor that is fully enclosed, rather than exposed. Instead of a longer cylindrical shaft with a long axle and offset mass, the shaft is very short, and the interior Contains a flat mass that is offset from the center of rotation (so that it can fit in the coin shape). Thus they are categorically also cylindrical motors by mechanism.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Coin Vibration Motors:

Due to their more compact form factor, use Coin vibration motors for smaller devices or when space is a constraint. Due to their shape, these vibration motors are very easy to mount, since they have an adhesive backing that you can stick to your device. With their smaller size, however, vibrations are often not as powerful as ERMs in the cylindrical form factor.

Examples of Coin Vibration Motors:

Coin vibration motors are great for small devices like wearables (check out this wearables teardown comparison for an example) or connected jewelry.

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