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How does dc brushless motor control speed?Many start using brushless motor customer consultation, the problem with brushless motor widely in medical, automation equipment, robots, and cars in the field of application, in order to realize the different drive control, to control the speed of brushless dc motor speed and positive &negative drive problem have a lot of questions, the vibrating motor factory to share control of brushless motor speed three methods:

The speed regulation method of brushless dc motor

Method 1: use voltage to control the speed, torque is mainly controlled by the current, generally with a matching motor driver, change the output voltage of the driver can also control the speed of the brushless motor, if there is no driver, want to control the motor, need to see the power and working current of the motor.

Method 2: PWM speed control, PWM speed control principle of the dc motor and ac motor speed control principle is different, it is not by frequency modulation way to adjust the speed of the motor, but through adjust the way of driving voltage pulse width, and cooperate with some corresponding energy storage components in circuit, changes to the armature voltage amplitude, so as to achieve the aim of brushless dc motor speed change.It’s modulated by amplitude modulation.There are two methods of PWM control:

1. PWM signal is adopted to control the conduction time of the transistor. The longer the conduction time is, the longer the work time will be, and the higher the speed of the motor will be.

2. PWM control signal is used to control the triode on-off time, and the control voltage is changed to achieve this.

Method 3: if it is a small power motor speed can also use a resistance (is not recommended, the way is very simple, series a potentiometer can, only this way can reduce efficiency, therefore does not advocate), high power control speed of the motor cannot adopt resistance, because it requires a high power small resistances (motor working resistance is very small), the resistance is bad to find and the solution efficiency is too low, it is best to still find a brushless dc motor drives.

I hope the above three methods of dc brushless motor control speed regulation can give you some help and inspiration.

The above is about the brushless dc motor speed regulation of the three methods, I hope you have some help;We are a micro vibration motor factory, the products are:linear vibration motor,iphone 6s vibration motor,iphone 7 vibration motor;Hope you can contact us!

Post time: Jan-07-2020