Micromotor industry trends

1. The field of micromotor industry is expanding day by day

Although micromotors are derived from small and medium-sized motors, with the continuous development and penetration of modern science and technology, part of the new micromotors gradually evolved into electrical and mechanical integration products with high degree of electronic integration.Such as stepping motor, brushless dc motor, switched reluctance motor, ac servo motor and magnetic encoder.

These products are very different from traditional products in terms of design, process and control.Micromotor manufacturing technology has been developed from pure mechanical and electrical technology to electronic technology, especially in the control technology widely used microprocessor and special IC, such as MCU, DSP and so on.

The composition of modern micromotor has expanded ontology by past a single motor to motor, drives, controller and a series of systems, expanding their business areas, involving mechanical and electrical technology, microelectronics technology, power electronics technology, computer technology and new material application of various aspects, such as the development of multidisciplinary cross penetration, is the distinctive features of modern micro-motor industry development.

2. The use and market of micro-motor products continue to expand

The application field of micromotor was mainly military equipment and industrial automatic control system in the early stage, and then gradually developed into civil and household appliances industry.

According to the international association of small motor manufacturers, micromotors are typically used in more than 5, 000 types of machines for different purposes.In recent years, with the booming development of personal computer, consumer electronics, household appliances, communication industry and the continuous improvement of domestic market demand, China’s demand for micromotors is increasing.

3. The grade of micromotor products is constantly improved

In order to meet the needs of social development and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, modern micromotors are developing towards miniaturization, brushless, high precision and intelligence.

Such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances products, in order to achieve high efficiency, energy saving and low noise characteristics, the application of brushless dc motor is becoming more and more widely, and this kind of motor is widely used in the sensorless control algorithm based on DSP, make this kind of product in such aspects as energy consumption, noise than traditional product had the very big enhancement.

For example, in audio-visual equipment products, precision permanent magnet brushless motor, precision stepper motor and other high-grade micromotors are widely used to make the motor run at high speed, stable speed, reliable and low noise.

In the future, with the continuous development of China’s consumer electronics industry, communication industry and home appliance industry, the development and application of high-grade micromotor will become the focus of the next development of China’s micromotor industry.

4.There are more and more foreign-funded enterprises with larger scale

With the deepening of China’s reform and opening up and its entry into the WTO, more and more foreign enterprises are attracted to enter China, and its scale is getting larger and larger.

Foreign micromotor enterprises (mainly sole proprietorship) are generally successful in China and have made great returns.At present, the actual annual output of micromotors in China has reached 4 billion, mainly concentrated in a few wholly owned enterprises in China.Such as Japan wanbao to company, sanyo electric company, sanjiejing production institute.

From the perspective of the development pattern of China’s micromotor industry, the situation that state-owned enterprises dominate the world no longer exists. Instead, foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises form the “three pillars”.

It is expected that in the future development process of micro-motor machine, the development momentum of foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises will surpass state-owned enterprises, and the industry competition will be more intense.


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Post time: Oct-21-2019