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LEADER Micro Motor is China's leading supplier of small vibration motors. Our product range includes Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) motors and Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) motors.  These motors were originally used in mobile phones. But have now they become smaller and integrated with voice coils. At LEADER-Motor, we specialize in manufacturing small electric vibrator, which are commonly used for tactile feedback in devices, such as mobile phones and wearables. Pager motors and coin vibrator motors are the most popular types of vibrators in the industry. These motors run on direct current (DC) and are designed to provide vibrotactile feedback. Despite their small size, they provide excellent technical support that helps enhance the user experience and user-friendliness of electronic devices.


What Kinds Of Vibration Motors We Provide

Our range of coin vibrator includes three types: brushless, ERM (eccentric rotating mass) and LRA (linear resonant actuator). Shaped like flat coin buttons, these motors are important components in cell phones, pagers, tablets and home appliances. our miniature DC vibration motors greatly enhance the user experience and add a human touch to electronic devices.

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