The principle, reason and attention of phone vibration motor

Mobile phone vibrating motor is one of the suppliers of dc brush motor, which is used to realize the vibration function of mobile phone. When receiving a message or a phone call, the motor starts to drive the eccentric wheel to rotate at a high speed, thus producing vibration. Nowadays, mobile phone vibrating motor is getting smaller and smaller to meet the needs of the increasingly thin mobile phone body

mobile phone vibration motor

Motion principle of phone vibrating motor

The exterior of the motor is made of engineering plastic. Inside, in addition to the outer box, there is a tiny dc motor that drives the eccentric wheel.There is also a very simple integrated circuit which controls the starting and stopping of the motor.When the phone is set to vibrate, the control circuit is switched on.There is an eccentric wheel on the motor shaft. When the motor rotates, the particle in the center of the eccentric wheel is not in the center of the motor, which makes the motor constantly lose its balance and vibrate due to the action of inertia.

The reason why the cell phone vibrates is that the motor makes it vibrate

(1) caused by the eccentric rotation of the metal bar.

As the metal bar rotates at high speed in the sealed metal box where it is located, the air inside the metal box also moves vigorously through friction.This causes the entire sealed metal box to vibrate, which in turn drives the entire mobile phone to vibrate.According to the above calculation, the metal bar takes up a large share of the energy for high-speed rotation, which is the main reason for the vibration of the mobile phone.

(2) caused by the instability of the center of gravity.

Since the metal bars attached to the rotating axis of the vibrating motor are not arranged in a geometric symmetry, the rotating axis of the vibrating motor will rotate at an Angle in the direction of the center of mass.As a result, the metal bar does not actually rotate in the horizontal plane.During the rotation, the position of the center of mass will change with the change of the position of the metal bar, so the rotation plane of the metal bar is constantly changing with a certain Angle of the horizontal surface.This constant motion of the center of mass over a certain space must cause the object to move.When the change is small and very frequent, that is to say, the macroscopic performance is vibration.

Mobile phone vibration motor matters needing attention

1. The motor has excellent comprehensive performance when working at its nominal rated voltage. It is suggested that the working voltage of the mobile phone circuit should be as close as possible to the rated voltage design.

2. The control module that supplies power to the motor should consider its output impedance as small as possible to prevent the output voltage from dropping significantly during the load and affect the vibration sensation.

3, column motor test or test the blocking current, the blocking time should not be too long (less than 5 seconds is appropriate), because all the input power is converted into heat energy (P=I2R), too long time may lead to high coil temperature and deformation, affecting the performance.

4, with mounting bracket for motor design positioning card slot, the clearance between the following and cannot too big, otherwise might have an additional vibration noise (mechanical), use rubber set of fixed can effectively avoid the mechanical noise, but should pay attention to the positioning groove on the chassis and rubber sleeve should use interference fit, otherwise it will affect the vibration of the motor output, natural feeling.

5. When transferring or using, avoid being close to the strong magnetic field, or it may cause the magnetic distortion of the motor magnetic steel surface and affect the performance.

6. Pay attention to the welding temperature and welding time when welding. It is recommended to use 320℃ for 1-2 seconds.

7. Take the motor monomer out of the package box or avoid pulling the lead wire hard in the welding process, and do not allow multiple large Angle bending of the lead wire, or it may damage the lead wire.

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Post time: Apr-14-2020