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What’s Mobile Phone Vibration Motor?

The integration of haptic technology in mobile phones has resulted in cell phone vibration motors playing a vital role in this industry. The earliest cellphone vibration motor is used in the pager to provide a vibration reminder function. As the mobile phone replaces the previous generation product pager, cell phone vibration motor also changed. Coin vibrating motors have become a popular choice for various applications due to their compact size and enclosed vibration mechanism.

4 types of cellphone vibration motor

  1. X-Y Axis – ERM Pancake/Coin Shape Vibration Motor
  2. Z – Axis – Coin Type Linear Resonant Actuator
  3. X-Y Axis – ERM Cylindrical Shape
  4. X – Axis – Retangular Linear Vibration Motors

Mobile phone vibration motor development history

The primary application in the portable telephone is the cylindrical motor, which generates vibration by vibrating the eccentric rotating mass of the motor. Later, it developed into an erm type coin vibration motor, whose vibration principle is similar to the cylindrical type. These two kinds of vibration motor is characterized by low price and easy to use. They can be made into lead wire type, spring type and FPCB type, a variety of connection methods are very convenient. But ERM eccentric rotary mass vibration motor also has its unsatisfactory aspects. For example, short life time and slow response time are the disadvantages of ERM products.

So experts have designed another type of vibration-tactile feedback to provide a more optimized experience. LRA - linear vibration motor is also called linear resonance actuator, the shape of this vibration motor is the same as the coin type vibration motor just mentioned, including the connection method is also the same. The key difference is that the internal structure is different and the drive method is different. The internal structure of the LRA is a spring connected to the mass. The linear resonant actuator is driven by AC pulses that move the mass up and down in the direction of the spring. LRA works at a certain frequency, generally 205Hz-235Hz. The vibration is strongest when the resonant frequency is reached.


Recommend motor on your mobile phone

Coin Vibration Motor

The coin vibration motor is acknowledged as the thinnest motor in the world. With its compact design and slim profile, this motor has revolutionized various industries by offering a vibration solution that is both efficient and space-saving. The thinness of the coin vibration motor allows for seamless integration into electronic devices, particularly mobile phones, wearables, and other compact devices. Despite its small size, the coin vibration motor delivers powerful and precise vibrations, enhancing user experience and providing haptic feedback in a wide range of applications. Its thin form has made it a popular choice in industries where space is limited, without compromising on performance or functionality. The coin vibration motor's ability to combine innovative engineering and miniaturization has undoubtedly led to advancements in technology and transformed numerous electronic devices into sleek and more interactive experiences for users.

 Linear Resonant Actuators LRAs 

A Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) is a vibration motor used in a variety of electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Unlike Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) motors, LRAs provide a more precise and controlled vibration output. The importance of LRAs is their ability to provide precise localized vibrations, which makes them ideal for haptic feedback applications. When integrated into a mobile phone, the LRA enhances the user experience by providing tactile feedback during typing, gaming, and interacting with touchscreen interfaces. They can simulate the feeling of pressing a physical button, making users feel more involved and immersed in their device. LRA also plays a vital role in notifications and alerts. They can generate different vibration patterns for different types of notifications, allowing users to distinguish incoming calls, messages, and other app notifications without looking at the screen. In addition, LRAs are energy efficient and consume less power than other types of vibration motors, helping to optimize the overall battery life of mobile devices.

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