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Dia 8mm*2.5mm LRA Linear Resonant Actuator | LEADER LD0825BC

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Leader Micro Electronics currently produces lra haptic motor, also known as LRA (Linear Resonant Actuator) motors with diameters of φ4mm – φ8mm.

Linear motors are convenient to use and can be affixed in place with a solid permanent self-adhesive mounting system.

We offer both lead wire, FPCB, and spring mountable versions for linear motors. The wire length can be modified and the connector can be added as required.

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Main Features

- 1.8Vrms Ac Sine Wave

- Extremely Long Lifespan

- Adjustable Vibrating Force

- Fast Haptic Feedback

-Low Noise

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LRA Linear Resonant Actuator Lead Wire Type


Diameter (mm): 8.0
Thickness (mm): 2.5
Rated Voltage (VAc): 1.8 
Operating Voltage (Vdc): 0.1~1.9V
Rated Current MAX (mA): 90
Rated Frequency (Hz): 225-255Hz
Direction of vibration: Z axis
Vibration Force (Grms): 1.0
Part Packaging: Plastic Tray
Qty per reel / tray: 100
Quantity - Master box: 8000
LRA Linear Resonant Actuator Engineering drawing


The linear motor has some remarkable advantages: extremely high lifetime, adjustable vibrating force, fast response and low noise. It is widely used on electronic products that require haptic feedbacks such as high-end phones and smartwatches, VR glasses, game controllers.

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Upon confirming all the details, we will start making a sample and have it ready in 2-3 days.

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FAQ For Linear Vibration Motor

Is the LD0825 linear motor noisy during operation?

Answer: The noise level of the micro linear motor depends on the specific model and operating conditions, but many models are designed to operate quietly.

What is the response time of this LRA motor?

Answer: The response time of LRA motor depends on the specific model and operating conditions, but many models have response times of less than 5ms.

Can the micro linear motor be used for high-precision applications?

Answer: Yes, many micro linear motors are designed for high-precision applications, and it can achieve precision positioning to within a few microns.

What is LRA actuator?

LRA stands for "Linear Resonant Actuator," which is a type of actuator commonly used in electronic devices for haptic feedback.It is designed to produce vibrations or motion by utilizing a combination of a mass and a spring. Due to their fast rise and fall times, linear resonant actuators (LRA) vibration motors are an excellent choice for haptic feedback applications.

What is LRA vs piezo?

LRA (Linear Resonant Actuator) and piezo actuators are two different types of actuators used for generating vibrations or motions in electronic devices. LRA uses magnetism to move a mass back and forth at his resonant frequency.Piezo actuators use the piezoelectric effect to create movement.

What is LRA or non LRA?

"LRA" refers to Linear Resonant Actuator.

When referring to "non-LRA," it means any type of actuator that is not an LRA. This can include other types of actuators such as electromagnetic actuators, voice coil actuators, or piezo actuators, which are used for generating vibrations or motion in electronic devices.

What is the difference between LRA and non LRA?

LRA (Linear Resonant Actuator) uses a mass-spring system to generate vibrations for haptic feedback in electronic devices, while non-LRA actuators like electromagnetic, voice coil, and piezo actuators work based on different principles.

Vibration Motors Manufacturer

Leader is primarily focused on the production of small vibration motors, which are essential components in various portable electronic devices. These motors are vital for creating haptic feedback. It allows users to feel and respond to alerts or notifications from their devices.

Leader specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality coin-shaped micro vibration motors that are small, light-weight and consume minimal power. We offer a range of products that cater to different device applications, from basic pager motors to cutting-edge micro linear motor (LRA).

Leader's micro vibration motors are widely used in the wearable technology, medical equipment, automotive and gaming industries. The reliable haptic feedback is necessary for user engagement and satisfaction.

With a focus on innovative design, quality and customer satisfaction, Leader is a trusted supplier of micro vibration motors to electronics manufacturers around the world.

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  • Quality Control

    We have 200% inspection before shipment and the company enforces quality management methods, SPC, 8D report for defective products. Our company has a strict quality control procedure, which mainly tests four contents as follow:

    Quality Control

    01. Performance Testing; 02. Waveform Testing; 03. Noise Testing; 04. Appearance Testing.

    Company Profile

    Established in 2007, Leader Micro Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales of micro vibration motors. Leader mainly manufactures coin motors, linear motors, brushless motors and cylindrical motors, covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters. And the annual capacity of micro motors is nearly 80 million. Since its founding, Leader has sold nearly a billion of vibration motors all over the world, which are widely used on about 100 kinds of products in different fields. The main applications conclude smartphones, wearable devices, electronic cigarettes and so on.

    Company Profile

    Reliability Test

    Leader Micro has professional laboratories with a full set of testing equipment. The main reliability testing machines are as below:

    Reliability Test

    01. Life Test; 02. Temperature & Humidity Test; 03. Vibration Test; 04. Roll Drop Test;05. Salt Spray Test; 06. Simulation Transport Test.

    Packaging & Shipping

    We support air freight, sea freight and express.The main express are DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, TNT etc. For the packaging: 100pcs motors in a plastic tray >> 10 plastic trays in a vacuum bag >> 10 vacuum bags in a carton.

    Besides, we can provide free samples on request.

    Packaging & Shipping

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