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Haptic Feedback Applications With Vibration Motors

Haptic feedback and vibration alerts are often misunderstood as the same, but they serve different purposes. Essentially, haptics involves conveying information to the user through touch, while vibration alerts focus on grabbing the user's attention during an incident or emergency.

A common example of tactile feedback can be observed in mobile phones, where touchscreen devices generate vibrations to mimic the feeling of pressing a physical button. Additionally, touchscreen phones utilize various vibration patterns to communicate different events, such as unlocking the keyboard or during a gaming experience.

Our LEADER motors undergo additional testing to ensure top performance solutions for haptic feedback. We currently offer a range of actuators and we are actively expanding our product range. These actuators are designed for tactile feedback applications, including dia 6mm and 8mm options.

Linear Resonant Actuators (LRAs) are a popular source of vibration because they support more complex waveforms, conveying more detailed tactile information. vibrating motor ranges.

Linear Resonant Actuators (LRA) provide faster response times and longer service life. Therefore, LRAs are often used in handheld devices, wearable devices, and mobile phones. Additionally, the LRA is able to vibrate at a consistent frequency with minimal power consumption, thereby improving the quality of tactile experience for mobile phone users. Below are just some of the types of products now featuring haptic solutions.


Haptic function are becoming increasingly common in handheld devices, including GPS devices, tablets, desk phones, and even toys. LEADER Motor offers a variety of motors and haptic feedback development kits that make it much easier for designers to add haptics to handheld products.

Touchscreen Feedback

When using a touch screen interface, the coordination of vibration pulses with screen events allows users to experience the simulated tactile feel of on-screen buttons. This variety in product performance allow our devices to be implemented in a range of applications, from small mobile devices to auto dashboards and tablet PCs.

Medical Simulation & Video Gaming

The careful control of vibration with low-inertia eccentric mass vibration motors can be used to create a feeling of immersion within an environment. The technology is particularly popular in two areas: medical simulations and video games.

Games console makes extensive use of haptic feedback in its controllers, with the "Dual Shock" system gaining traction thanks to the enhanced tactile response by incorporating two motors - one for lighter vibrations and the other for stronger feedback.

As software capabilities advance and motion characteristics are better understood, more demanding applications, such as medical simulations, are incorporating haptic feedback to help train medical professionals.

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