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What is the structure principle of miniature vibrating motor?What are the main features and applications?What should we pay attention to in the process of using?These questions let the cell phone vibration motor factory in China tell you:

Micro vibration motor is mainly used in mobile phone micro vibration motor is a dc brush motor.

Structure principle of miniature vibrating motor

The micro vibrating motor mainly used for mobile phones belongs to the brushless dc motor. There is a eccentric wheel on the motor shaft. When the motor turns, the particle of the eccentric wheel’s center is not in the center of the motor, which makes the motor constantly out of balance and causes vibration due to inertia.

The main characteristics and application of miniature vibrating motor

- permanent magnetic hollow dc motor

- small size, light weight (cylinder)

- radial rotation/circumferential rotation (flat)

- low noise, low power consumption

- strong sense of vibration

- simple structure

- strong reliability

- short response time

Micro vibration motor is mainly used in mobile phones, toys, health massager.

Notes for miniature vibrating motors

1. The motor has excellent comprehensive performance when working under the nominal rated voltage. It is suggested that the working voltage of the mobile phone circuit should be as close as possible to the rated voltage design.

2. The control module that supplies power to the motor shall consider its output impedance to be as small as possible to prevent the output voltage from dropping significantly during the load, which may affect the vibration sensation.

3, when the column motor test or test the blocking current, the blocking time should not be too long (less than 5 seconds is appropriate), because all the input power during the blocking is converted into thermal energy (P=I2R), too long may lead to high coil temperature rise and deformation, affect the performance.

4, with mounting bracket for motor design positioning card slot, the clearance between the following and cannot too big, otherwise might have an additional vibration noise (mechanical), use rubber set of fixed can effectively avoid the mechanical noise, but should pay attention to the positioning groove on the chassis and rubber sleeve should use interference fit, otherwise it will affect the vibration of the motor output, natural feeling.

5, transit or use to avoid close to the strong magnetic region, otherwise it may make the motor magnetic steel table magnetic distortion and affect the performance.

6. Pay attention to the welding temperature and welding time. It is recommended to use 320℃ for 1-2 seconds.

7. Remove the monomer motor from the packaging box or avoid pulling the lead in the welding process, and do not allow bending the lead at large angles for many times, otherwise the lead may be damaged.

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Post time: Jan-07-2020