The working principle of vibration motor in mobile phone is discussed

The vibration motor of mobile phone is permanent magnet dc motor, which is used to realize the vibration function of mobile phone. When receiving SMS or phone call, the motor starts and drives the eccentric wheel to rotate at high speed, thus generating vibration.

Mobile phone vibration motor is divided into cylindrical (hollow cup) vibration motor and flat button type vibration motor.

Mobile phone vibration motor technology content is not high, especially cylindrical hollow cup motor, there are many enterprises in China can manufacture, and flat type of technology content is relatively high, most of the foreign enterprises.

The miniature vibration motor used for mobile phones is a brushless dc motor, and there is an eccentric wheel on the motor shaft. When the motor rotates, the center particle of the eccentric wheel is not in the rotation center of the motor, so that the motor is constantly out of balance and vibration is caused by inertia.

The above image is the ERM vibration motor used in traditional mobile phones, which has an off-center rotor. When it rotates, it can generate a full range of extreme vibration experience.Apply positive voltage motor rotation, apply negative voltage motor braking.

This actuator features lower cost and a long history.

Among the structure of the general motors is one with "Rotor" (Rotor) can be rotation axis, around is "Stator" (Stator), installed after electrify coil can produce a magnetic field.

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