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Air model hollow cup motor

Dc motor and brushless motor are not at the same level, the corresponding drive circuit and power circuit are not the same, with a hollow cup as the motor, as long as 3V, each is ma level power supply, and the use of brushless motor may be 10A, 20A each;

Such a few kinds are reflected in: 1, hardware equipment is valuable, 2, design difficulty is strengthened, 3, overall cost increases.

Cylindrical Vibration Motor

In terms of function, a toy plane can be made as long as it can fly. By remote control, it can add at most a front-facing camera for storage and transmission. It can use cheap sensor chips, unstable output structure, and cheap photography and transmission equipment.

But, 1, can not guarantee the safety of the aircraft and the operator, 2, there is no stable mechanical structure, output structure and controller structure, the accuracy is too low, unable to perform a certain task.

However, to balance the model, sensors and ultrasonic modules are necessary, and the stability of aerial photography is also required. When external disturbances such as airflow and temperature difference occur, GPS with high precision is also required, and indoor visual modules, sonar and optical flow are required.

If you want to design the aircraft route, also need to add power, SCM.Aerial photography, to ensure the stability of the aircraft, it is necessary to join the head, dynamic adjustment of camera Angle.

Toys are disposable, if the parts are broken, either find the original factory to buy, or replace the whole.Aircraft model is different, can be replaced separately accessories, can also be modified.

The electrical adjustment, reception and flight control of the four axes of the toy are integrated together, using hollow cup motor, and there is no heat dissipation problem.The advantage of this kind of integrated board is price is cheap, volume is small, drawback wants a place to be broken only namely, have to change board.

The cost of model airplane is relatively large, and due to the needs of diy and heat dissipation, there are few integrated devices, which are usually independent devices connected to each other.

3vdc micro vibration motor

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